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People Love Sarah's!

Esther C.

These Biscochos are delicious & amazing! I especially love the traditional sesame flavor. I ordered them for a family get together, everyone loved them & felt connected to the taste and traditions of our Sephardic heritage. They're comforting & bring back happy memories!

Arlene H.

The biscochos are crispy and so tasty. They are getting rave reviews from all who eat them. Highly recommend. You’ll love them. My favorite are the chocolate chip. ❤️🍪❤️

Howard D.

Absolutely delicious Sephardic specialties.

Gloria M.

I tried one of Sarah's almond Biscochos and it surely was scrumptiously delicious!! I am addicted to them and must try all of the different varieties!!

Merrill W.

So I just received my first order of biscochos from Scrumptiously Sephardic. WOW! It's the first time I've had this type of cookie and what an amazing first impression! Baked and presented beautifully. Just by looking at the cookies you can tell how much pride and love went into making them. I'd be hard-pressed to find this quality elsewhere. Seriously delicious.

Marianne G.

Let me tell you some highlights. I grew up eating Sephardic food in Linda's house. I could always taste the warmth and love in her mom's cooking. Linda apprenticed true Sephardic cooking at her mom's knee. You will NEVER be sorry!

David C.

Delicious. Just had some. Linda you nailed it. Thank you. Had some over the weekend. Try ordering a dozen or so you’ll love them. Just as I remembered.

Angelo S.

The biscochos are very good. I really like the ones with fruit inside—those that resemble croissants. My son and wife prefer the plain ones and those with sesame seeds.

Harvey S.

Thanks for the delicious cookies, ate them on the plane.

Roberta I.

Fantastic. We love them so much we ate them as soon as I brought them home.

Caryn M.

Just coming in for a landing and wanted you to know we really enjoyed the yummies!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Laura Z.

The best!

Brigitte H.

How gorgeous! Never seen such beautiful biscochos !!! 🎀🍩💕

Estelle R.

How gorgeous these valentine biscochos look. Love, Love these Biscochos!💖

Arlene D.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the plain chocolate dipped biscochos.❤️❤️❤️

Bernice W.

My favorite!

Isela G.

Que Rico!

Arlene H.

Beautiful to see. Delicious to taste. 💕

Pamela L.

These are so gorgeous!

Roberta L.

They are delicious. Just the way I remembered them from my grandmother.

Miriam W.

Yummy! 😋

Esther O.

Thank you !! Very Yummy, I’m in heaven.

Aunt Julie

Just had a Biscocho from the zip lock bag..make that two. They are perfect...light, crispy and not too sweet. Much better than the ones I made. You have done a great job. So difficult to resist...just delicious. It's so sweet and thoughtful of you to share these treats with us. They bring back such fond childhood memories. We appreciate it very much. You are very special and we love you. ♥️♥️♥️😁😁😁😁

Lala A.

Thank you very much! The biscochos are amazing! We are enjoying it with the whole family! 😋😋😋🌺

Deborah M.

I love the cookies!

Alex H.

Your Biscochos are sneaky addictive!!! I keep getting another, every time that I pass them in the kitchen!!! They are sooooooo tasty!!!

Alberto B.

Yesterday seems to me like your mom and my mom learned to make these scrumptious biscochos same school, amazing right?

Sky G.

The cookies are so delicious! Thank you, wow!

Jason L.

They were wonderful and everyone enjoyed them. We eat them like we do in my family- dunking them in sweet wine!

Barbara R.

I Ordered the Rosca and the Biscochos and Both Were Incredibly Delicious; Will Definitely Order Again. It Brought Back A lot of Memories. ❤️

Nikki L.

BEYOND delicious and Linda is just as sweet as her delicious cookies. Thank you for sharing your mom's recipes and your heritage with us all! Can't wait for my next batch 🙂

Ariana A.

They arrived so quickly! Thanks so much again.

Andrea A.

Just got mine from my daughter for early Mother’s Day! Yummy!