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Taste Sarah's Biscochos

Biscocho (bis-kō-ch-ōō) is a firm, lightly sweetened cookie that is baked twice to give it a distinct crisp. Biscochos are a Sephardic cookie ring. Oftentimes, this treat is first tasted during childhood and never, ever forgotten. Discover its unique taste for the first time or experience it again at Sarah’s Gourmet Bakery, where you will taste the best Biscochos & other specialties ever imagined.

History of the Biscocho

Our family traces their roots to Sepharad, Spain originally. After their expulsion from Spain in 1492, Sephardic Jews mostly made their way to North Africa and Ottoman lands such as Turkey and the Balkans. Our maternal grandparents and their parents all came from Istanbul or Izmir. The Jews who settled in the Ottoman lands were typically upper class, and their foods resembled the foods of the urban nobility. Thus, the Biscocho is a Sephardic treat.  As per tradition, they are a labor of love and symbolic of being part of a rich ethnic culture. 

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The Biscocho is basically a Sephardic parve, hard cookie that keeps well. Its crispy texture makes it so unique, as it is twice baked.

The Sephardim have many varieties; flavored with anise, vanilla, orange, etc., using eggs, with a cinnamon/sugar topping or the classic with sesame seeds. The Biscocho most likely originated in Spain, and maybe my ancestors took the hardy cookies when they left Spain for a foreign land.

The fact still remains it is a delicious Sephardic treasure to be shared from one generation to another!

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