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Communication Cookies

"The cookies that feed your soul"


"Taste the Love, Live the Message"

is the mindful message and communication meant for everyone to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles….

We hope that through our cookies, we can spread positive messages and encourage others to do the same. It is our belief that by committing to a simple act of kindness, we all have the power to change a life.


The Recipe...

Lynne Goldberg/Linda Gettinger-Dinner
Lynne Goldberg/Linda Gettinger-Dinner

Linda and Lynne met several years back and upon meeting, immediately felt like they had known each other for years. Their positive outlook on life and shared values became the foundation for a forever friendship. As entrepreneurs they shared the realization that working closely with many clients, Linda and Lynne often witnessed the daily ups and downs in people's lives.

Wanting to be able to offer a way to approach the challenges of finding inner peace and inner strength in daily life while at the same time bringing a smile to the faces of many clients, became their mission.

Together, in addition to finishing their book, “29.5 days to a happier you” Linda and Lynne decided to extend Linda’s line of baked goods in honor of her mother Sarah’s legacy, and created...

“Communication Cookies”, the heart-shaped cookie that not only tastes delicious but carries a positive message with each cookie.

We hope that you will enjoy our “Communication Cookies”, remembering that even after the cookie is eaten, the message is yours forever.

*Available in Vanilla, Plain Chocolate Chip Gluten-free/Vegan or Chocolate Dipped.

Pay it forward with our Communication Cookies: 

Our communication cookies are designed for you to enjoy, as well as, to “pay it forward.”

By purchasing our “Communication Cookies” Gift Box you are letting a special someone know you care. Our hope is that their smile and positive experience will bring them the desire to purchase “Communication Cookies” for the people they care about too and "The Communication Cookie Pay it Forward Movement” will continue to grow.


Sharing our hearts,

Linda and Lynne